Commercial Prototype – Mexico City, 2010

adaptiveARC partnered with Biosistemas Sustentables to deploy the first commercial prototype of the Cool Plasma® technology to Mexico in 2010.  This system was installed at the Biosistemas recycling site to process the residual waste that could not be recycled or converted into an organic fertilizer through Biosistemas’s patented Natur-Abono® process.  The site receives around 400 TPD of mixed MSW and after separating out recyclables and creating Natura-Abono with the organics there was still about 15% of residual material that had no economic value and was sent to landfill.  With adaptiveARC technology to handle this last 15% the site can receive 100% recycling.

Year Deployed: 2010

Feedstocks Processed: MSW, Biomass, Construction Debris

Use of Syngas:  Electrical generation with a Caterpillar genset

Notable Achievements:

  • Over 20 technology demonstrations with 1000+ customer site visits
  • Engineering tests to finalize the commercial system design
  • Successful electricity generation
gabriel@adaptivearc.comCommercial Prototype – Mexico City, 2010