Proof of Concept – Monterrey, Mexico 2006


adaptiveARC’s chief scientist, Christian Juvan, created a system in conjunction with the University of Nueva Leon that implemented the same proprietary plasma torches in a small scale proof of concept machine. This machine proved the efficiency and functionality of the plasma torches and allowed for rigorous university testing and analysis.

commercial prototype

Year Deployed: 2006

Feedstocks Processed: MSW, Biomass, Manure

Use of Syngas:  Safely flared

Notable Achievements:

  • Detailed Pilot Plant Report proving the viability of the plasma torches for syngas creation from waste.
  • Proven lifespan of torches to exceed 5 years
  • Proven low parasitic consumption of the torches
  • Ash analysis proven to be inert and non-toxic
gabriel@adaptivearc.comProof of Concept – Monterrey, Mexico 2006